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Grandstream GXV3500 Public Announcement Device and IP Video Encoder Decoder




The GXV3500 is an IP video encoder and decoder that uniquely features a built-in public announcement system to offer a 3-in-1 combination device. The device decodes IP video streams to analog video in order to allow IP cameras to be used on an analog network and encodes analog video to allow analog cameras to be used in an IP network. The GXV3500 features H.264 real-time video compression for analog video streams as well as IP decoding with excellent image clarity. To use the public announcement system function, simply connect the GXV3500 with microphone, IP phones, or IP video phones on the network. Like all Grandstream IP Video Surveillance products, the GXV3500 is OnVIF compliant and includes built-in PoE.

Additional information


Manufacturer Grandstream
Product Type Video Encoder/Decoder/PAS
Technology IP
Ethernet Port 10/100M
Warranty 2 Years

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