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PBX & VoiP Features

IVR Menu

The IVR menu plays a recording or pre-defined phrase that presents the caller with options to choose from. Each option has a corresponding destination. Destinations can be extensions, voicemail, other IVR menus, call groups and more.

Voicemail to Email

When a voicemail is left on an extension, the voicemail will also be sent via email to the chosen email account for that extension as a playable audio file. The email will also contain the caller-id time and length of the call.

Call Detail Records

CDR’s are detailed information on calls. The information contains source, destination, duration, and other call details.

CDR’s are searchable via

  • Dates
  • Caller-ID
  • Destination or Source

Hot Desking

A way to login to another phone device and temporarily or permanently become another extension. This is sometimes known as ‘hoteling’ and ‘extension mobility’

Call Flows

Direct calls between two destinations by calling a feature code.

  • Destination: Define where the call will go in the initial mode.
  • Alternative Destination: Define where the call will go in the alternative mode.

Fax Server

Use fax to email and email to fax

Can be used with dedicated number and mailbox to automatically receive and send Faxes without the need for a physical Fax machine

Conference Centre

Conference Centres are a group of conference rooms. They can be organized by cost center, geographically, or other criteria.

Ring Groups

A ring group is a set of destinations that can be called with a ring strategy.

  • Simultaneous Rings all destinations.
  • Sequence Calls destinations in sequence.
  • Rollover Calls destinations in sequence and skips busy destinations.
  • Random A random destination will ring.

Call Centre

Call Centre Strategies

  • Agent With Least Talk Time
  • Agent With Fewest Calls
  • Ring All
  • Ring Progressively
  • Round Robin
  • Sequential
  • Random

Time Conditions

Dynamically route calls to an IVR menu, external numbers or other destinations based on time conditions such as:

  • Time of day, hour of day, day of week
  • Preset holidays

Conference Room

Conferences is used to setup conference rooms with a name, description, and optional pin number.

Call Blind Transfer

Transfer a call like the call was going into a call queue or from an ivr.


Use an analogue fax machine

Converter that allows your conventional fax machine to work over PBX, no analogue line needed, the ATA connects to the internet and converts VoiP to conventional fax signaling.

Call Parking

Call “parking” transfers a current call to an available park extension, where the caller will listen to Music on Hold. The extension that originally received the call is now free to accept other calls or direct another extension to join the call that was parked.

Call Routing

Directs incoming calls for the extension

Direct calls on:

  • Call Forward
  • On Busy
  • No Answer
  • Follow Me
  • Do Not Disturb

Call Broadcast

Broadcast calls to a defined list of phone numbers.

  • Phone Number List- List of phone numbers to call in the call broadcast.
  • Voicemail Detection- Set True or false to detect an answering machine.
  • Description Help organize and label what the call broadcast is for.

Call Pickup

For a particular extension or any extension that is currently ringing. Pick up the call from any other device.

Call Blocking

A list of numbers from which to block calls.

Reject- Will reject the call
Busy- Will send a busy signal
Hold- Will put the call on hold
Voicemail- Will send the call to the specified voicemail box

Call Announced Transfer

Transfer the active call to another internal or external call. Also known as a warm transfer.

Follow Me

Define alternate inbound call handling for an extension.

  • Call Forward
  • On Busy
  • No Answer
  • Not Registered
  • Follow Me
  • Do Not Disturb

Music on Hold

Choose from preset recordings or record and use your own as WAV or MP3 files, set different on hold music for differing on hold queues.

PBX CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a critical tool to gain a business advantage. They allow you to track and analyse interactions with clients. PBX CRM integrations allow PBX VoiP providers to connect a business phone system with a CRM platform. This allows for additional smart call features and data capture. Call data gives added advantages to your marketing, sales and support teams within an organisation.

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