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4DX – PBX Telephone Solution

4DX – PBX Telephone Solution

How Does 4DX PBX Business Phone Work?

4DX PBX is a business VoIP solution that is designed to help any sized business stay competitive without investing in a pricey business phone system here in Cyprus. The cloud based phone system makes it easy to deploy solutions within a small time frame. It’s designed to quickly be installed on either desk-phones, desktops or smartphones, so businesses won’t need a local PBX phone system with complex hardware setup to start making and receiving phone calls.

Cyprus Based PBX – Hosted Reliability

4DX can be either cloud-based or locally installed. For the Cloud based solution businesses and home users will only need to have an existing internet connection to use the service. This means that you have the option of either mobile data or Wi-Fi to reach out and make phone calls from your hosted PBX solution. Our data-centre runs on clustered servers with multi trunk VoiP connections, this translates to a remarkably robust cloud service. Further to these fail-safes, 4DX PBX has built in forwarding so that should the worst case scenario ever take place your business calls are forwarded to any external number of your choice.

Compared to other cloud-based systems, our virtual PBX solutions is also much more inexpensive, especially with our zero cost support. 4DX’s resilience provides dialing without reliance on traditional public switch telephone networks (also known as PSTN’s), which are copper line-based. Instead the 4DX PBX connects with Fiber-Optic directly to Cyprus’ Internet backbone network.

Affordable VoIP for all Businesses

4DX VoIP is priced so that even freelancers can sign up and use the service to project a higher profile to their business. For example, the home user plan only costs €5 per month.

At such a low price point, an individual gets a set of useful tools like virtual fax, call forwarding, voicemail to email and incoming call control. All plans include mobile app and desktop app support, so going from the office to the road gives you and your staff unlimited minutes on a business number through mobile data, no matter the location.

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